Hiring outlook good for graduates in 2018

Michigan State University’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute recently conducted a survey of employers expected to recruit college graduates in 2018. The student hiring outlook is excellent and employers are expected to recruit more than 13 percent more bachelor’s degree graduates according to Phil Gardner, the survey’s author and director of the institute.

Here is a list that Michigan State compiled that shows employers hiring expectations of bachelor’s degree graduates in 2017 to 2018 as compared with 2016 to 2017:

Information Services – +60%

Administrative Services – +49%

Wholesale Trade – +46%

Transportation – +32%

Health care and social assistance – +32%

Professional, business, scientific services – +30%

Construction -+29%

Nonprofits – +23%

Agriculture – +21%

Retail trade – +19%

Educational services – +17%

Accommodations and food services – +17%

Government – +7%

Finance and insurance – +7%

Real estate and leasing – +6%

The only sector where fewer hires will be made is manufacturing at -3%. In particular the automotive and aerospace areas are hiring less graduates in 2018.

This list can be great to share with those high school graduates that are perplexed about what they want to study in college.