How can your students get feedback about potential Colleges they may want to attend?

How do they get to know a college from afar when most colleges have suspended all on-campus visits through the fall semester? How do students, families, and college counselors get a better feel, vibe or insight into campus life directly from the current student community? Typically, when you choose a book or movie to read or watch, respectively, who do you ask for a recommendation? YOUR peers! You ask your friends, family, neighbors and read articles from people you trust and follow. Currently, everyone is gathering information about colleges and their surrounding communities from Google, admissions representatives, college websites, and their individual networks. It takes a lot of time, energy and resources to collect the data. The end result, there is too much data and not enough information.

This is the busy season for educational consultants who are working with their students to fine tune their applications, essays, and their college lists. Finding a fit on paper is one thing, but finding a fit from all other aspects of college life is another. And now, it is even more difficult. The art of finding the right fit is pinpointing where the student will thrive socially, mentally, physically, and academically.  This is a place they will live, learn and grow for the next 4 years. This is a place they will call home. What do they want it to look like? What is the real vibe and feel of the college and community? Are these the students you want to be friends with, study with, live with and laugh with? How can you connect with the current community from afar?

What if the following questions could be answered for your students? What was the deciding factor in choosing your college? What do you wish you knew at freshman orientation? If you could give three tips to a high school junior or senior, what would they be? What is the social scene like? If students do not join greek life is there still an opportunity to go to parties and have a social life on campus? How easy is it to make friends? What would you recommend in terms of hitting the ground running? 

College Scoops has worked diligently and tirelessly to reach out to its student and parent ambassador community to ask for their help. They have created timely, informative and creative videos highlighting  students’ burning questions about campus life. They have developed  Student Q&A videos  to help your students get a more informed feel of the campus from afar. Their student ambassadors want to help as they were in the prospective students’ shoes not too long ago. They know it must be so hard to make decisions about a particular school without actually walking the grounds of the campus, participating in a tour or information session, engaging with students during a visit in the cafeteria or on the quad, auditing a class or staying overnight for a visit.

Have students that aren’t quite sure where they want to go to College yet? Check out College Scoops or e-mail Moira McCullough at for more information.