How to Advise Students After the End of Race-Conscious Admissions – Free Webinar

This summer’s Supreme Court’s decision in SFFA vs. Harvard/UNC banned the consideration of race in college admissions decisions, but it left many questions unanswered and has created confusion for students and the professionals who help them apply to college. This webinar is intended to help school counselors and advisors at community-based organizations (CBOs) answer those questions and provide the best advice to help them advise their students. The focus will be on best practices and include experts from higher admissions offices, high schools, CBOs, and other organizations.

The webinar will be hosted by James Murphy of Education Reform Now and the panel will include Amy Borst at UGA, Sara Urquidez, from ASP in Texas, Carolyn Blair (MO school counselor) and Andrew Moe of Matriculate.

It will be live on Thursday, September 28th and available to view on archive afterwards. Here is the link to register/view: