How to Minimize the Cost of College Visits

One of the best ways for your students to determine if a college will be a great fit for them is to visit it while they are in High School. However, between flights, rental cars, hotels and food, the cost of visiting multiple colleges can quickly add up. To help with this issue, created a guide to help students and their parents plan ahead to minimize travel costs and maximize their experience at each campus.

Some of the tips include:

Plan ahead of time, set up appointments well in advance, visit areas most used by students, explore offsite and visit during the week when classes are in session.

Also consider using a rewards card(if you have to get credit) so some of the points can be used towards hotel stays, airlines, etc.). Another tip is to book the hotel and airfare through 3rd party sites (such as,, etc.) to save on travel costs.

The costs of visiting multiple campuses can add up but by using some of the tips they have shared your students can cut some of the costs inherent in visiting colleges you want to see before making the final decision.

Here is a link you can share with your students: