How to Use AI to Write a Cover Letter

There are many areas of College Admissions in which using AI is taboo (for an example using it to write a college essay or paper), however, it does have some great uses that should be used by students. One example is using it to help write a cover letter once they begin looking for employment.

FlexJobs has put together a comprehensive job to help students (and non-students as well) write their cover letters. It covers:

  1. Choosing the Right AI Tool

A breakdown of various cover letter generators available for those ready to explore the world of AI for job searching

  1. Career Expert AI Tips: Writing an Excellent Cover Letter

Practical insights and must-know tips from career experts for effectively leveraging AI-generated cover letters to make job applications shine

  1. Basics of AI Cover Letter Prompts––Template Included

A guided plan to writing an effective prompt for an AI cover letter, with examples demonstrating how to better convey one’s candidacy for a specific role using AI

  1. Acknowledging Concerns & Misuse When Using AI  

The top concerns and best practices to consider before submitting an AI-generated cover letter  

  1. Frequently-Asked Questions About AI Cover Letters

A roundup of the most commonly asked questions from job seekers about using AI for cover letter writing.

Here is a link to share with your students that should find it useful: