IB Scholarships and Recognition

Michael Hirsch, a Counselor at West Island School in Hong Kong has compiled a list of Universities that offer IB Scholarships and have IB Recognition and Programs. In his document he has tabs with information on the following data:

  • USA – IB Scholarships
  • AAU IB Credit Policies
  • Colleges that Change Lives Recognition Policies
  • US IB Recognition
  • Canada – IB Scholarships
  • Europe – IB Scholarships
  • Europe – IB Recognition
  • Canada -IB Recognition
  • UK – IB Scholarships
  • UK – IB Recognition
  • Global – IB Scholarships
  • Global – IB Recognition

Here is a link to this excellent resource your students that are interested in IB programs can use: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mzYUhzOstSR3lpaH3_PWMXEQGYj_niBsHbKEe9QSeCI/edit#gid=1348350578