Information for your Student Office Aide Form

Office Aids are service-minded people, willing to offer assistance where there is a need. Participation as an Office Aid is a privilege available to Seniors at many high schools. Here is a template developed for Samuel Clemens High School that you can adapt for your school.

As an Office Aid, you are expected to maintain a respectful attitude and represent Clemens in a positive manner. The following are expectations of being an Office Aid at “X” High School.

The Office Aid is expected to:
• Follow the Student Code of Conduct. This includes the Tardy Policy, Attendance Expectations, Dress Code, Cell Phone Use, ID use, etc.
• Maintain confidentiality with all information including, but not limited to, documents, directory information, electronic information and communications/conversations that the Office Aid may be a part of or have exposure to, while serving as an Office Aid.
• Sign in at the assigned area and remain there the entire period, unless you have been given an assignment to complete.
• Wear your Office Aid ID the entire class period. Return your IDs at the end of the period each day.
• Conduct yourself in a mature manner at all times. While running passes, do so quickly and quietly. When you go into a classroom, do not cause a scene or any type of disruption to the learning environment.
• Complete assigned tasks efficiently and with accuracy.
• Respond positively to directions from any office staff or school personnel.
• Be courteous to parents, other students and all faculty/staff.

If you do not feel you can meet these expectations, a schedule change is strongly recommended. If at any time, administration feels you are not meeting these expectations, a conference will be held giving you the opportunity to correct your behaviors. If no change occurs, a schedule change will be made for you.
I agree to follow the Office Aid Expectations.
Name: ____________________________ ID: _________________________________
Signature: ________________________ Assignment: _______________________