Life just got easier for your students that need special accommodations for the SAT or ACT tests

A large number of your students will be taking the ACT on April 8 or the SAT on May 6? If they have a disability and need extra time, a reader, or space in a separate room to take either test, you should not have any trouble getting accommodations.

Both the College Board (which administers the SAT) and ACT Inc. have increasingly faced criticism and questions from the U.S. Department of Justice for testing practices that allegedly put students with disabilities at a disadvantage compared with students without disabilities.

But at the end of 2016, high school counselors and families with 504 and IEP plans got some welcome news:  Both the ACT and the College Board loosened restrictions that critics believed made it too difficult to receive special accommodations. As a result, students with documented learning disabilities who have special education plans at school will automatically receive testing accommodations.

This move follows years of complaints by counselors and families who said the testing companies unfairly rejected requests for accommodations from students with learning challenges – even for those with school accommodations already in place.

Here are some articles and links to accurate sources that explain the news in greater depth:

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