LINK for Counselors Spring 2020 issue – Editorial Line-Up

The Spring 2020 issue will be published in February. We have a great line-up of articles scheduled for you. Here is a summary of those articles:

* Embrace the Change: A Foundation for Early Growth and Transition for High School Seniors – Authored by a Counselor at the Woodlynde School in PA
* 10 Tips to Make Your Job Easier – Authored by a former “Counselor of the Year” in MD
* So, What are Your Students Planning on Studying in College? – Authored by an Independent Counselor who formerly worked in Admissions at Penn, Princeton and JHU
* 5 Things Counselors Need to Do to Prepare Students for College – Authored by a Nationally Certified Life Coach who has 5 years experience teaching in High School
* Creating a College Bound Culture: A Critical Step in College Prep. – Authored by a Counselor at Trinity Episcopal School in Richmond, VA
* Interview with Sweety Patel and her Counseling team, a High School Counselor in NJ
* Lowering the Stakes to Help Students Write Better College Essays
* Character Counts: Here’s How to Help Your Students Choose a Topic that Demonstrates It Effectively in College Application Essays
* What Can You Do to Help Your Students?
* ROTC Scholarship Programs
* STEM Drift – Authored by a former “Counselor of the Year” in Montgomery County, MD
* To Join or not to Join?
* Careers to Consider – Sports Management
* The ACT One Section at a Time
* Choose a Future Proof Major – Authored by a NY High School Counselor
* Scholarship Watch – List of 10 National Scholarships available to students
* The Flip Side: Flipped Classroom Learning – Authored by a former “Counselor of the Year” in MD