List of College Scholarships

Did you know that many Colleges’ offer specific scholarships to their incoming students? These are scholarships that are specifically offered to students who attend that school. Many students are unaware of these but there are a lot of great ones out there if they are willing to do the research. It can be as simple as checking with their school’s financial aid office and asking about possible scholarships that are available. Kristina Dooley of Estrela Consulting has published a large list of available scholarships at schools your students may want to check out. Here is a link to her Ultimate List of Hidden Scholarships on her website which is updated regularly.

Schools included so far are:

Arizona State University

Boston College

Boston University

Case Western Reserve University

Centre College

Colorado School of Mines

Colorado State University

Davidson College

Drexel University

Emory University

George Washington University

Georgia Institute of Technology

Indiana University 

Kansas State University

Montana State University

New York University

The Ohio State University

Pepperdine University

Purdue University

San Diego State University

Tulane University

University of Alabama at Birmingham

University of California Berkeley

University of California Irvine

University of Colorado – Boulder 

University of Illinois

University of Kansas

University of Maryland

University of Michigan

University of North Carolina

University of Oregon

University of Puget Sound

University of Richmond

University of Rochester

University of Southern California

University of Toronto

University of Virginia and UVA Alumni Association

University of Wisconsin

Vanderbilt University

Villanova University

Wake Forest University

Washington & Lee University

Washington State University

Washington University in St. Louis