Membership Dues Notice from the College Board – What to Know

It’s that time of year again when your head of school/principal is receiving the annual “your membership dues are past due” notice from College Board.

Dear valued member,

The annual College Board Membership dues for your organization are outstanding. Attached is a copy of the unpaid invoice.

“Dear valued member??” We are not now and have not been members for years. Why not ASK if we would like to become members?  Why not INVITE us to become members by showing us all the great things membership does? 

Membership dues are $400 annually. We were actually “invoiced” $800– for LAST year and THIS YEAR.  I never agreed to membership for ANY year. That would be a huge chunk of my budget–like sending my whole team to NEACAC–for no tangible benefits whatsoever.

In all of the years that I worked at “member” schools, I received the same email, the same calendars, and the same lack of attention to my issues as an AP and Test Coordinator, as I do as a non-member. 

Make sure your head of school or principal knows WHY they want to be members.  If you have a good reason, go ahead and pay it. But don’t be tricked into paying $400 if you don’t know what you’re getting.

Once again–do better, CB!

Tara Dowling is the Director of College Counseling at Worcester Academy in Massachusetts