NACAC’s Knowledge Center

NACAC has set up a Knowledge Center where they host a lot of their assets they have put out for the Counselor Community. Here is a summary of the available reports/documents with direct links:

College Rankings Report of the Ad Hoc Committee – Released in 2011, this report includes recommendations from NACAC’s Ad Hoc Committee on U.S. News and World Report Rankings. The committee’s recommendations focused on ensuring that students and families have the ability to form their own impressions about which college is the best fit for them.

NACAC Report on Standardized Testing

NACAC’s report on standardized testing is a much-needed call on colleges and universities to examine their ACT and SAT policies and practices. As NACAC CEO Angel B. Pérez noted, “As a profession, we must find the courage to examine our habits and policies, and we must adapt if we are to continue to fulfill our duty to the public good.”

The 2020 report is the result of a years’ worth of discussion and deliberation among an expert group of NACAC members who formed our Task Force on Standardized Admission Testing for International and US Students. The report examines the inequities associated with standardized testing for college-bound students and calls for solutions that can help bring about needed change to the admission process.

“This is a year to reexamine any mandatory use of testing as part of enrollment operations, for both practical but also ethical reasons,” said John Latting, chair of the task force. “It is a year to be reminded of appropriate uses, and potential misuses, of standardized tests.”

College Affordability

As costs continue to rise, planning how to finance a four-year degree has become a more prominent part of the college application process.

These three handouts are designed to highlight the value of a college degree, showcase the true cost of college, and break down borrowing options.

Share them with your students as you discuss college affordability and college options.

Download the individual handouts:

College Value Extends Beyond Financial Gain
The benefits of college aren’t just in future earnings. A college education opens doors to opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

Students Often Overestimate the Price of College
Sticker price is the published tuition price, whereas net price is the amount a student actually pays to attend an institution after subtracting federal, state, and institutional grant aid that doesn’t need to be repaid. The difference between the published price and the actual price a student pays can be significant and varies by institution type.

Talking About Borrowing Doesn’t Have to be Hard
There are many ways for students and families to consider the “right” amount of borrowing to finance their college education. Your school counselor can be an invaluable resource as you search for right-fit programs.

Financial Aid Basics: What Students and Families Need to Know

Choosing to pursue postsecondary education is one of the most important decisions a young person can make.

As a school counselor, college counselor, college adviser, or admission rep you are uniquely qualified to help applicants navigate the admission process. And increasingly, students and parents also turn to you as they sort through complex questions about financial aid, college affordability, and the value of a degree. What’s an admission professional to do?

No, you don’t need to become a financial adviser to the families you serve. But good information can go a long way when helping students make the right college choice, especially when counseling applicants whose understandable confusion about the financial aid process threatens to derail their college dreams.

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