New – Build Your Own College Rankings Tool

The New York Times has launched a new tool to help students and their parents build their own college rankings based on what criteria are important to them. The tool offers a series of sliders and filters to where students can input their priorities, such as racial diversity, price of tuition, campus safety, and athletics, among other issues, and then it will provide a list of colleges that fit those parameters.

The tool uses data “from three sources: the U.S. Department of Education via the National Center for Education Statistics and the College Scorecard, and Opportunity Insights. The data is from the Department of Education unless noted otherwise. It might be something to check out for your students. The only caveat I found is that they only provide a set number of free articles/visits to the site and once you have reached that (unknown) threshold the site is blocked unless you sign up for a subscription (although there is no charge specifically to use the new tool). Here is the link to try it out: