New College Prep Guide available for Latino Students

The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics has published a comprehensive guide for Hispanic Students to help them navigate the College Prep Process.
¡Gradúate! A College Planning Guide to Success provides the Hispanic community with information and resources to help
students navigate the process of pursuing higher education at traditional colleges and universities, including how to apply and how to successfully enroll in a college or university. The guide is organized to outline the steps that students should take throughout high school leading up to their first college class.
A college education is one of the largest investments an individual or family will make in his/her lifetime, and, as such, it is important to have the resources and information necessary to make the best decisions. Latinos are graduating high school and enrolling in college at increasing rates, and, as of 2012, Latinos are the largest minority group in our nation’s colleges and universities. There is a growing need to support more Latino students in completing high school and pursuing postsecondary education.
The Guide is comprehensive and provides information that will help students and their parents understand the entire college planning process.
Here is a quick summary of what is included:

1: Pursuing Higher Education: Why It Matters

2: Beginning in High School

3: College Search Process

4: Process of Applying
5: College Entrance Exams
6: Paying for College
7:  Getting Accepted and Receiving Aid
8: Committing to Enroll

9: Preparing for the First College Semester

10: Conclusion
11: Glossary
12: Programs and Resources

13: Endnotes
There is some great information included in this guide for your Latino students and there are versions available in both English and Spanish. I’ve linked each version below: