Podcast Available for Counselors, Parents and Students

The College Spy has launched a new podcast with some great content for Counselors, Parents and Students. It is a weekly podcast that addresses all aspects of the college selection and admissions process hosted by Michelle McAnaney, founder of The College Spy.

As a high school counselor for 16 years and Director of Guidance at two high schools, she has extensive experience working with administrators and teachers. In this podcast she will outline how parents and students can take full advantage of all the resources offered at your high school.

In the first podcast, Michelle and her co-host, Justin McAnaney discuss how COVID-19 is impacting the college admission process and how high school juniors and seniors will need to move forward with their college search and selection process despite the disruption caused by the virus. This is a developing topic that changes day-to-day as colleges, standardized testing providers and high schools continue to update their responses to the virus.

Here is a link to the podcast: https://anchor.fm/thecollegespy/episodes/1-COVID-19-and-College-Admissions-ec9aq4/a-a1r5ckq

Update(4/15/2020) – The 2nd podcast was just released on Test Optional Admissions Policies

In this episode, Michelle McAnaney, the founder of The College Spy, and her co-host, Justin McAnaney, discuss test optional college admissions policies.  We review what “test optional” means for the student and the college and why colleges are increasingly adopting these policies, especially in connection with the COVID-19 virus. We address how students should plan for admissions to test optional colleges and universities.  

For a list of the 1,000+ test optional colleges and universities in the United States and additional information on standardized testing, see:

The National Center for Fair and Open Testing:  https://www.fairtest.org

Here is a link to the new podcast: https://anchor.fm/thecollegespy/episodes/2-Test-Optional-College-Admissions-ecpeoc/a-a1uepot

Update (5/11/2020) – The 3rd podcast was just released on College Letters of Recommendation

In this episode, Michelle McAnaney, the founder of The College Spy, and her co-host, Justin McAnaney, discuss letters of recommendation. We review where the letter fits into the college admissions process and how, from whom and when to ask for a letter recommendation. We address strategies for working with school counselors, teachers and others to obtain strong recommendation letters and some pitfalls to avoid as students work through this key element of the college application. 

Here is a link to the new podcast – https://anchor.fm/thecollegespy/episodes/3-College-Letters-of-Recommendation-edhna8/a-a23bjns