New Release Charts Showing:

  • Early Decision and Regular Decision Acceptance Rates Class of 2026 (including several institutions’ Class of 2027 Early Action data)
  • Domestic Undergraduate Need-Based and Merit Aid Class of 2026
  • Financial Aid for International Noncitizens Class of 2026

Jeff Levy and Jennie Kent have released their 3 annual charts listed above and this year they are presenting the data in a new way-Looker Studio. More visual, highly interactive, and user-friendly, their Looker Studio version allows you to sort for any column in an instant and to easily compare subsets of colleges using any column’s metric. As in past years, you can also download the Google sheet as a PDF. These charts are free and can be accessed at

Please share these resources with other Counselors, students and their parents (as long as they remain in this original form).