New Scholarship Resource Available for your Students

One of our goals is to provide Counselors with information that can help you do your jobs better. Finding available resources that can help you inform your students about options that can help them save money on their college education is a big part of our mission.

I recently was made aware of a new Scholarship Search Resource – GoodCall

They have developed a great resource for helping students find Scholarships that are available to them. Currently they have more than 6,900 scholarships listed on the site and more than $15,000,000 in scholarship funds available. It is a free service which doesn’t require any fee our account sign up to search.

There are some unique things they include that I like:

ENTRY DIFFICULTY: They rank each scholarship on how hard it is to apply.

COMPETITION LEVEL: They have developed an algorithm to evaluate how competitive a scholarship is.

DAYS LEFT TO APPLY:  Helps students to prioritize their applications be deadline to stay organized.

WATCH LIST: Students can set up a watch list so they can apply to a group of scholarships later

APPLIED: Students can mark the scholarships they apply to so they can keep track of funding they have applied for.

SHARE: Students can easily share Scholarship with their peers on Social Media or by e-mail

Check them out here: