Perfecting the Craft Scholarship

The Perfecting The Craft scholarship is an annual $500 scholarship designed to help propel students to become masters of their craft.

Red Label is asking students to give them a glimpse of their craft. To show them what it is you’re passionate about and how you’re working to perfect it. Submissions can be in any media format (photo, video, audio, slideshow, etc.). Regardless of the format used, submissions should include an explanation on how the student plans to perfect their craft. Written explanations can accompany other submissions such as images if needed. 

Scholarship Eligibility & Requirements

The scholarship is open to all U.S. citizens entering or attending a college or university, or trade school in the United States as a full-time student. Applicants must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above. Students must submit a scholarship application form in addition to submitting a piece on their passion. The following materials should be submitted to by August 15th: 

Scholarship Award

  • The recipient of the annual Perfecting The Craft Scholarship will receive $500 to be used only for college, university, or trade school tuition and related educational expenses. 
  • The $500 check will be made payable to the recipient’s school.
  • The application period for the scholarship ends August 15th. The award recipient will be notified by September 7th. 
  • Students retain full ownership of their submissions. Red Label Abrasives will ask for permission to use submission content, the student’s name, the student’s school and/or pictures on the company’s website and social media pages. 

Scholarship Deadline

The deadline for the submission period is August 15th. All completed scholarship materials need to be emailed to before the end of the day on August 15th.

Here is a link to apply for the scholarship –