Online Education Guides available

More students are considering getting their college education’s online. The cost is much lower and they have a lot more flexibility for work, where they live, etc. recently surveyed 1,800 college administrators and students about their experience in online education to better understand current trends in distance learning. Here is a brief summary of some of those results:


  • Online students are getting younger: 44% of all online students fall into the “traditional” college age range
  • A large portion of these young online college students are concurrently enrolled high school students or enroll directly out of high school
  • Recent high school graduates are entering the workforce while also pursuing a college education online
  • 73% of online students report job and employment goals as a reason for pursuing an online degree

To help those students that are considering an online education they have created some informative guides:

A Guide to Online Associate Degrees –

A Guide to Online Bachelor’s Degrees –

A Guide to Online Master’s Degrees –

A Guide to Online Doctorate Degrees –

A Guide to Accredited Online Colleges –