Pathways to College Success for Students with Learning Differences – Free Webinar

Join Estrela team members Alyson Campbell & Amber Gilsdorf as they highlight programs that are committed to post-secondary success for students with learning differences. Many students require different levels of support to be successful in college. This webinar will focus on what to look for when seeking support for your student. Joining them will be Travis Brown from Bowling Green State University’s FLY program and Leann DiAndreth-Elkins representing Muskingum University’s PLUS program. Both schools offer programs specializing in additional academic support services for students with learning differences.

Parents, students, school counselors, IECs and educators are encouraged to attend. There will be a Q & A at the end. The webinar will be live on October 26th and then archived and available to registrants free to watch any time after that date. Here is the link: