Power of impressive SAT scores goes beyond college

A number of companies are using SAT scores in the hiring process, including Amazon, according to Susan Alaimo in an article posted at centraljersey.com: Power of impressive SAT scores beyond college

In addition to Amazon, consulting companies McKinsey & Bain and investment banker, Goldman Sachs are said to request a students SAT scores when considering job applicants. How does this affect your students? They should go all out when trying to maximize their scores. Many students will have a target school and once they receive the score that ensures their admission to that school they will quit taking the test. The beauty of the SAT is that students can take it as many times as they want and keep including their score as the highest score is used.

There are many SAT/ACT prep companies that can help any student improve their score. I highly recommend that students use these companies to help them improve their test taking abilities. Many tools are offered free on the web, in addition to more comprehensive SAT/ACT prep programs that are available for a cost.