Resource to help your students search for the right college programs available to them

We have found a website that lets you search thousands of college programs and courses and immediately access official online college catalog information.

Searches are available by:

  • state
  • type of program (2-year, 4-year, Graduate, etc)
  • college name
  • area of study

There is currently information available for more than 3,900 Colleges and 16,000 total College Catalogs.

Search and compare college catalogs

Narrow your search within a particular college catalog by:

  • keyword
  • program
  • course name or number.

Your search results appear in a separate tab for easily comparing multiple colleges.

Where does this college and program information come from?

The content is gathered from official academic catalogs and updated constantly to present the most current information from each institution. Archived content is also available so you can look at past college catalog versions. Further information on costs and accreditation are supplied through the US Department of Education data sources.

What makes it different from other sites?

  • Information is not limited to sponsoring institutions or advertisers. The site is a comprehensive data resource where all public two- and four-year colleges are represented.
  • Detailed information is included about courses and programs and graduation requirements from official college catalogs. It does not contain marketing information in the content.
  • It is not a recruitment site. It does not sell user information to college recruiters. You will not be contacted by recruiters as a result of using the website.

The information can be found at