Resources for students interested in STEM Careers

Students who are in interested in pursuing STEM careers (science, technology, engineering & math) have lots of opportunities. The demand for talents in these fields have never been higher. Students who start learning relevant skills now will set themselves up for a successful future and excellent earning potential.

Here are some great resources you can point those students to that may help them learn more about the possibilities these careers offer them:

1. Codeacademy

Codeacademy is a well-known online tool for learning programming skills. Students can start learning a variety of in-demand programming languages for free, such as Python, Java, HTML, and CSS. It’s a great way for students to build their basic programming knowledge and see which languages they enjoy the most.

2. Khan Academy

This is a nonprofit that offers a wide range of resources for students who are interested in programming. Many of Khan Academy’s courses offer interactive and fun learning exercises that will engage students and help keep them interested in technology careers.

3. Make

A website dedicated to sharing projects and tutorials from makers all over the world, students can get step-by-step instructions for a range of DIY technology projects. Students can explore robotics, 3-D printing, and more. It’s a great way for tinkerers to build skills and focus on their areas of interest.

4. STEM Jobs

If students want to know more about the different job options for computer engineering and technology, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields in general, then they might want to check out STEM Jobs. This website can help students learn more about different career paths they can take and what kinds of skills are required for success in these careers.

STEM Jobs also offers profiles of people who work in different STEM fields so students can understand more about the pros and cons of each career and what an average day on the job might look like. The website has job search tools so students can get an idea of what skills employers are currently looking for.

5. Girls Who Code

Getting more girls interested in STEM careers is critical. Unfortunately, there are many roadblocks to getting more women working in these fields. To help girls maintain their enthusiasm and to have a support system, gender-specific resources, like Girls Who Code, can help.

In addition to offering a variety of programs that teach girls to code and prepare them for jobs in the tech industry, Girls Who Code also helps girls set up coding clubs at their schools. They also know the power of positive role models and feature profiles of female tech leaders and innovators.

6. IEEE TryEngineering

Engineering is an exciting career option with almost unlimited areas of study. Students can use IEEE TryEngineering to help students decide which type of engineering matches their interests. They can also find resources and games that will help introduce them to the field of engineering and the day-to-day work of engineers.

7. Raspberry Pi

A versatile, inexpensive, and tiny computer, Raspberry Pi is a great piece of hardware for students to explore programming, robotics, and more. There are lots of resources and tutorials for using Raspberry Pi, so students can explore on their own! The Raspberry Pi Foundation even offers a showcase for “young tech creators” worldwide for students to show off their work, called Coolest Projects.

8. TED Talks

Although most technology and computing curriculums focus solely on tech skills, students who want to get into these fields also need to have solid communication skills. Interpersonal skills, public speaking, leadership, and other “soft” skills often get neglected. Students who are interested in founding their own tech companies will also need business knowledge.

TED Talks are a great way for students to start learning about these skills from successful business and technology leaders. They’re free, interesting, and cover a wide range of topics!

9. Coursera

With an extensive library of free and paid courses on every topic imaginable, Coursera is a great place for students to look when they want to learn a specific skill. From technical skills to interpersonal skills, Coursera is a fantastic starting point for students.

Encourage Students’ Interest in STEM Careers

When selecting resources to recommend for students interested in technology, it’s important to prioritize accessibility and engagement. Each student’s situation is different, but there are countless resources available that will help to encourage students’ interests and help them find the field they’re most passionate about.

These 9 resources are just a starting point. It’s never been easier to find free and accessible information to prepare students for their future careers!