Scholarship Guide Available for your Students and Their Parents

Community Resources is a new community-first organization that provides resources, tools, and guides to neighborhoods and families.  Based on a combination of feedback from families and their own research, they created an unbiased scholarship guide that is valuable for students and parents. This guide breakdowns the best scholarship platforms and instruct users on how to use them effectively to find as many opportunities as possible. You can see the entire guide along with some of its features here:
Here is what is covered in the guide:
  1. The major challenges students face when searching for scholarships
  2. How the right search engine can help students overcome these challenges
  3. What students should know before applying for a scholarship
  4. The most important features of a great scholarship search platform
  5. The best scholarship search platforms of 2017
  6. Advice on early preparation to qualify for scholarships
  7. Tips on applying for scholarships
  8. Our full methodology and scoring process
Their goal is to raise awareness around the barriers that hinder students from pursuing their college education and this guide can be a helpful tool to help students learn about scholarships that are available to them. It’s a great resource so please share with your students.