School Counselor ToolKit is available for Counselors has developed a comprehensive “School Counselor ToolKit” which has some very good information that I think will prove beneficial to Counselors. The content was developed entirely by school counselors looking to help those trying to start or advance their careers in the field.

Areas of the School Counselor ToolKit include:

Professional Development: Sections include, “What Does a Counselor do?” and highlights of core competencies including School Counseling Programs, Foundations, Management, Delivery & Accountability

Student Development: Sections include Elementary School and Early Childhood, Middle School and Preadolescence, and High School and Adolescence

Collaborations: Overview of the value of collaborating with other school personnel as well as ways to collaborate with Parents/Guardians, Teachers, Student Support Staff, Principals/Administrators and the School Counseling Office (for large schools)

They also include a link to the Professional School Consultation Guide which I found very informative (this resource was developed by the Missouri Professional School Counselors and Counselor Educators)

School Counselor Programs: Includes resources developed by the American School Counselor Association

They include a link to this downloadable ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors: Program Planning Tool

Resources: An overview of other resources that school counselors can review to further their professional development and work with students

This is some great information hopefully you can use in the future.