Senior Bulletin for Your Students

Have you ever considered putting together one document for your seniors that includes all post-secondary information they will need for their college planning as well as a list of available scholarships? If yes, where do you start to go and find a template you can use to compile this information? Search no farther! A Counselor at Hannibal High School in Missouri, JoAnn Mumma McCollum, has put together a PDF for her students which contains this information and she has agreed to share with you.

It includes:

  • Information on their school, who to contact and links to their social media and website with college planning information.
  • Information regarding career and job services in their area.
  • Military options and information for those students that might be interested in that career path.
  • Information on Colleges, Two-Year Schools and Technical Colleges in their area
  • College Admissions Test Information (SAT & ACT)
  • Information for college athletes looking to play sports in college
  • Financial Aid Information
  • Recommendation Letters with Template
  • Links to college resource websites
  • Scholarship Information (with local scholarships)

It’s very comprehensive and a great template to use to craft something customized for your students. Here is a link to it: