Senior Checklist for your Students

☐  Know your graduation status!!! Make sure you have what you need in your schedule.

☐ Be sure to get your 20 hours community service or job shadow done.

☐  Pass your senior paper in English 12A.

☐  Meet with your counselor at semester to make sure you are still on track!!!

☐  Complete your poster and speech outline by the deadlines.

☐  Practice your speech.

☐  Turn in your completed log hours.  

☐  Be on time for your presentation.

☐ Turn in a transcript for any classes taken at CSI or through another college.

☐  Finish strong and pass all your classes!

If you are College Bound

☐Build a resume for college applications, recommendation letters and jobs.

☐Retake the SAT in the fall.

☐Prepare your college essay and applications.

☐Apply for scholarships and financial aid.

☐Complete the FAFSA.

Entering the Military

☐Meet with a recruiter.

☐Make sure you have the expected graduation paperwork.

Posted by Dale Carter Conrad a Counselor in the Jerome School District in the High School Counselors FB Group