Senior College Seminar – Free for Counselors

It’s one of the great mysteries of education.

If applying to college is so important, why do schools expect most students to do it at home, after school, where there’s no help available for them?

Thinking it might be time to try something different, College is Yours will be rolling out The Senior College Seminar this August 1. (SCS) is a comprehensive curriculum designed to help students investigate colleges, build a college list, apply for admission, financial aid, and scholarships, and begin the transition to college during the school day, in their senior year.  Designed around the feedback of school counselors, the SCS curriculum works around each school’s schedule and calendar, offering comprehensive lesson plans that can be taught in any order, at any time.

Best of all, SCS is free to all counselors wishing to use it.

Counselors are already talking about using SCS in a separate college counseling class, while others are talking about building into existing classes, like a career class or study hall.  Still others are planning on using it as an after school activity, and some are going to use the lessons to supplement the work already in place in their college counseling curriculum.

SCS has been spearheaded by veteran college counselor Patrick O’Connor, a past president of NACAC and author of the college application handbook College is Yours 3, as well as the counselor textbook College Counseling for School Counselors.  He hopes SCS—which can be taught as is, or with any modifications counselors might see as helpful—will inspire schools to find a way to help students apply to college during the school day, easing their college stress, and improving the quality of their applications.

“It’s time for class time to go to college” says O’Connor.

More information on SCS is at