Some key questions your students can ask when on a College Visit

Basic Questions to Ask on College Visits

  1. Why differentiates this school from other colleges?
  2. Are you happy being a student (teacher) at this school?
  3. What are this school’s strengths?
  4. If you had to say, what’s your biggest complaint about this college?
  5. What is one area where this school could improve?
  6. How accessible are the professors, financial aid officers, student services employees, etc.?
  7. What’s the average financial aid package look like?
  8. What do the four-, five-, and six-year graduation rates look like?
  9. How many freshmen return here for their sophomore year?

Academic Questions to Ask During a College Visit

  1. Which majors are the most popular here, and why?
  2. How many courses/hours does the average full-time student take each semester?
  3. What programs or departments have the strongest reputations?
  4. What teaching style do most professors here use?
  5. Are most classes led by professors or teaching assistants?
  6. Is accessing first-choice classes a challenge?
  7. Do classes tend to be discussion-based or lecture-based?
  8. How much time should students expect to dedicate to studying and assignments outside of the classroom?
  9. Are collaborative or group projects common requirements?
  10. Do students have access to tutoring programs, writing centers, computer labs, or other learning-oriented resources?
  11. What’s the average number of students in a classroom at a time for introductory courses? What about advanced classes?
  12. Is studying abroad an available or popular option?
  13. Are there opportunities for undergraduate research?
  14. Is the Disability Services office helpful? What resources do they make available to qualifying students?

Campus Life College Visit Questions

  1. What does an average day for a first-year student look like here?
  2. What do students do when they aren’t in class?
  3. What are weekends like on campus?
  4. Is there a vibrant social scene?
  5. Where do students go to hang out?
  6. Is there something about the local community that sets it apart?
  7. What student organizations or clubs are the most popular?
  8. Are there a lot of fraternities or sororities?
  9. If a student was looking for a great place to study, where on-campus should they go besides their dorm room or the library?
  10. What facilities (gyms, libraries, theaters, labs, etc.) are available to students?
  11. Is the WiFi on campus fast? Are there dead spots on campus? Does it go down a lot?
  12. Are sports a big part of this school’s culture?

Residence Life Questions to Ask When Touring a College

  1. What is the dorm environment like? How many students are there per room? Are the bathrooms private or shared? Are there kitchens, laundry rooms, or lounges?
  2. Are dorms separated by shared interest, academic year, or another criterion?
  3. Do most students get along with their initially assigned roommate or are changes frequently requested?
  4. If I need a room switch, is that possible? Who do I contact?
  5. How’s the cafeteria or on-campus food?
  6. Do the dining halls accommodate special dietary requirements?
  7. Are there any local restaurants that students love?
  8. Can you get around easily without a car? What are the available transportation options?

Student Body Questions for a College Visit

  1. What makes this student body unique?
  2. Is this a diverse campus? Are there international students?
  3. Are students generally friendly?
  4. What percentage of the students live in the dorms?
  5. Does this school have a lot of cliques?
  6. Does it ever feel too crowded here?
  7. Have there been any student protests on campus recently? What issue was the focus?

Work and Career Questions to Ask on a College Tour

  1. Can you find internships here? Where do you go to learn more about them?
  2. Are work-study options available?
  3. Is the Career Services office helpful?
  4. Are there leadership opportunities on campus?
  5. Does the school help students get involved in the community? What opportunities are available?
  6. Can students find summer jobs through the college or in the local community with ease?
  7. Is the alumni association active and visible on campus?

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