Survey Says!: Spring 2022 Paramount Research LINK for Counselors Profile Report

We recently hired Paramount Research to conduct a survey of our audience to determine how they use LINK for Counselors magazine. 343 Counselors took the survey. Thanks for all that participated. Here are a snapshot of those results:

Which ONE of the following best describes your School/Company?

63% are in a Public High School

25% are in a Private High School

7% are Independent Counselors

1% are at a College/University

4% are Other types of Counselors (Mental Health, Social Work, Middle School, etc.)

How many students do you personally work with?

Most respondents (61%) personally work with more than 200 students. One in six (17%)
indicated between 101 and 200 students. Another one in ten (10%) indicated between 51 and
100 students. Estimated Mean is 248 Students per Counselor.

Are you a member of NACAC?

More than six in ten of the Link for Counselors subscribers (62%) are not NACAC member

Considering all the times you pick it up, about how much time, in total, do you spend reading or looking through a typical issue of LINK for Counselors?

The typical respondent spends nearly three quarters of an hour (44 minutes) reading or looking
through each issue of LINK for Counselors. More than one in ten (12%) spend one hour or more
with each issue. Four in ten (39%) indicated between 30 and 59 minutes.

How many people, other than yourself, usually read or look through your issue of LINK for Counselors?

More than four in ten respondents (43%) share each issue of LINK for Counselors with an
average of one or more additional readers. More than one in ten (13%) indicated they share each
issue with three or more additional readers. Another one in six (14%) indicated two additional

Which version of LINK for Counselors do you typically read?

More than half of the respondents (54%) typically read the online/digital version of
LINK for Counselors. Another one in four (24%) prefer the print version. 22% read both versions.

What action(s) have you taken during the past year as a result of advertisements and/or articles in LINK for Counselors.

Nearly all the respondents (94%) indicated they have taken action as a result of advertisements
and/or articles in LINK for Counselors. More than half (52%) have visited an advertiser’s/
school’s website. Four in ten (43%) discussed an advertiser or article with another counselor.
Another two in ten (20%) have recommended an advertiser/school to a student.

Do you receive LINK for Counselors E-newsletter?

The vast majority of respondents (84%) receive the LINK for Counselors E-newsletter.

Have you visited in the past 3 months?

More than four in ten respondents (41%) have visited the LINK for Counselors website within
the past 3 months.