Survey Says!

We recently hired Signet Research to conduct a survey on the readers of our Fall 2020 issue of LINK for Counselors. 436 Counselors took the time to complete the survey. We appreciate those that did. This gives us valuable feedback that we can share with advertisers who allow us to send the magazine to Counselors for free. One lucky winner who completed the survey was also chosen at random by Signet Research to win a $100 Amazon gift card (Congratulations go to the winner – Terry Freeman of Watertown High School in NY).

Here is some of the interesting feedback we got back:

The average reader spends 37.6 minutes reading each issue.

An average of 1.5 additional Counselors reads each issue (if you don’t currently get your own copy you can subscribe using this link –

When asked what would you like to see covered in future issues these were your comments. We will take this feedback and craft content in future issues to cover some of these issues:

  • When to decide to send scores vs not when the score is only 10-20 off of median. Should
    you always apply directly to major or try to back door it? IE Cornell hotel management for
    something else.
  • The articles are varied and cover topics on a regular rotating basis so far. Keep it up.
  • Each counselor in our building receives a copy as I ordered one for all of us.
  • How they are addressing safety in the face of the pandemic and pervasive bomb threats.
  • Like scholarship section.
  • I send articles to clients and colleagues. This was a GREAT and super helpful issue.
  • Not really, it’s a great magazine with lots of useful information.
  • Remember that LINK is also read by international counselors and students.
  • More scholarships and opportunities for students.
  • The information provided in the advertisers are great resources. Providing the version via
    email and hard copy allows me to display the book in my College and Career Center for
    others to read.
  • You have written some really great articles that pertain to current events in the counseling
  • I like the topics, quick reads, etc. Very helpful for my school counseling intern.
  • Great resource for our school college guidance team. It would be much appreciated if we
    could continue receiving printed version of LINK.
  • I love that you can grab and get info students need right away.
  • Many of the articles are very good and informative.
  • I have had several conversations with teachers who are frustrated with the behaviors of students upon returning to the classroom. The behaviors are lagging behind by approximately the amount of time they were in quarantine. For example, a sixth-grade female (who does not have any learning or behavior disabilities) dropped on the floor and pitched a fit in response to not getting her way. Clearly, this would not be acceptable in 4th-grade, but it would be closer to 4th-grade psychological development. Is there a study on how to support teachers who are exhausted mentally and physically from having to back-track not only academically, but behaviorally instruction?
  • A lot of good information.
  • More on access and equity and HOW we can help reform the ridiculousness of applications (courses and grades/SRAR and SSAR/supplemental essays that aren’t apparent when first reviewing an application).
  • Any information we can share with students on how to find the right career match and that it is okay to start college undecided. Study, academic, and personal traits of successful college students.
  • Testing anxiety.
  • I like the topics in the past issues. I would like to see an article on talking to students who are in danger of not graduating (and their parents). Keeping our students motivated, especially after Covid, has been a struggle.
  • I would love an article about how to get the most out of counselor fly-in or drive-in type events.
  • I wish the use (and overuse) of adjuncts would be covered. Schools that have legions of adjuncts – who teach for little many and usually get no benefits – cost little to run. But admin salaries are high! As an educator, this sickens me. Higher Ed has become a commodity, run for profit only.
  • Scholarships, financial aid, majors, career trends.
  • I love the articles and resources provided by this magazine. It’s a great resource.
  • I shared the electronic copy with my district counseling coordinator who then in turn shared it with all high school counselors.
  • I still think the more financial aid or scholarship information you can provide would be great.
  • I really enjoy the careers articles that come up in LINK, especially ones that are emphasize more because of the pandemic. There are some great opportunities for students in the future! I would ask that the information on new careers and how to obtain them keeps getting put into the publication. It is very useful information and helps stay on top of the trends!.
  • Gap years, 1st year college experience and what should be tell our seniors (interviews with college freshmen).
  • SEL is the hot topic now, so maybe some mental health and wellness tips for students?
  • I’m just really glad to know more about the magazine and enjoyed the survey! Maybe articles on how students can best take care of their Mental Health their freshman year in college.
  • Great resource.
  • Some good topics.
  • I think LINK for Counselors does a great job bringing us relevant information each year.
  • More information regarding adjustment to college and universities and resources to navigate the experience.
  • It would be great to see first year earnings of graduates who are employed 6 months after degree completion, with major.
  • The good, bad, and ugly takeaways of how applying to college, paying for college, and attending college has changed due to our response to COVID these past two years.
  • Best ways to share summer program options to students. Especially science focused ones.
  • Test Optional

If you see any of these you would like to write about in future issues of LINK for Counselors please reach out to us at