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Key URL Links for the SAT, PSAT, and ACT

Here are some quick links if you are looking for information on the SAT, PSAT or ACT: PSAT and Scholarship Information This site gives extensive information on the PSAT and the National Merit Scholarship. SAT Prep. This site is helpful in preparing and registering for the S.A.T. exam. SAT Link – Services for Read More

Plan Ahead for the SAT and ACT

Going to college is an exciting opportunity, but the application process, especially the testing, can be stressful. Planning ahead for the SAT and ACT will help your students minimize the stress and maximize their test scores. These tips for each year of high school will help your students set themselves up for success. Tips by Read More

What Does “Test Optional” Mean Anyway?

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the college admissions calendar. High school juniors would normally be taking the SAT or ACT this spring and, if not satisfied with their scores, retaking the tests during the summer or fall of their senior year. However, the SAT and ACT were canceled this spring and it is not clear Read More

The ACT is Stressful Enough. Let It Wait

Some of you may have read my recent article about when to start ACT test prep for your child. (See article here) As I have heard back from parents and teachers on this subject and researched the topic further, I have come to some alarming realizations about how much pressure parents and, in some cases, schools Read More

For the ACT, past is prologue

Recall for a moment, if you will, a trope of the cheesy romantic comedy. Have I…uh…seen you here before? Replace the sheepish questioner with this spring’s ACT test takers and swap the eye-rolling recipient with the April ACT, and you’ve got yourself a standardized test prep smash hit. By the way, the answer is “yes.” Read More


If the first two acronyms in the title of this piece left you scratching your head, I have good news: we’ll be cutting right to the chase. Both of these stand for services offered by the ACT and SAT, respectively, that allow students to receive a copy of the test booklet, answer key, and the answers Read More

SAT & ACT: Three Tips for Counselors for Starting the School Year Right

The start of the school year ushers in an avalanche of information and obligation for students and parents: course changes, sports and club schedules, event calendars, arts performances, parent nights, volunteer opportunities…the list goes on. Amid the bustle, even important things like the SAT and ACT can get pushed aside. But by executing on a Read More

What the ACT Does

There are many reasons why students find the mathematics on standardized tests difficult, but the one I’d like to focus on here––the phrasing of the questions––rarely gets mentioned. It turns out that a little knowledge about how the ACT constructs and words its questions can go a long way in helping students improve their ACT Read More

Link for Counselors