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Addiction and Bullying

It’s no secret that bullying can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. Bullying can lead to mental health disorders and addiction (substance use disorder) in adulthood. A study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), people who were physically bullied as children are more likely to experience drug abuse and alcohol abuse Read More

Cyberbullying: What Is Cyberbullying and How to Stop It

Cyberbullying affects countless teens and adolescents. A 2019 study of 4,972 middle and high school students in the United States between the ages of 12 and 17 shows that 36.5% of the students have been cyberbullied in their lifetimes. Other studies report that 60% of young people had witnessed their peers being bullied, but they Read More

Bullying: Learn how it happens, the different types, where it happens and how to respond

Bullying has become a national epidemic and is happening daily to your students in schools, online and at home. Verywellfamily has put together a nice collection of resources on bullying. Here are some direct links to the articles/resources they have put together: How many people are actually being cyberbullied? When to use a bullying hotline Read More

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