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Setting Realistic Expectations for Students Considering Law School

The process of getting into law school and becoming a lawyer is very difficult. Despite this, you likely have many students you encounter who are motivated to pursue this educational path. While it’s never your role to dampen the ambitions of your students, it is important that you help them develop realistic expectations about what Read More

Careers to Consider: Nursing

Kristina Dooley of Estrela Consulting has scheduled her newest webinar on careers your students can consider. Her next STAR Paths Webinar is being held on Tuesday, April 2nd at 7pm EST and will focus on careers in Nursing. Info below! Feel free to join and share with students/families. A recording will be sent to all Read More

Have any students that are interesting in being a doctor/pursuing a medical career?

If yes, we have a great infographic available for free download that was created by one of our contributors, Carolyn Kost. The infographic is available free for download here: We also just published a Careers to Consider feature on Respiratory Therapy in our Spring 2024 issue that might be of interest if you missed Read More

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