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Success Story – This student was rejected from 15 medical schools – now he runs a $1.5 million business

CNBC recently profiled a 29-year-old entrepreneur that started several online businesses and is now making more than $1.5 million per year. There are lots of career paths your students can embark on and the traditional path of going to college, getting a great job and working it throughout retirement is no longer the only option Read More

Webinar: Advising for Future Ready Careers: CS + Finance

Do you feel equipped to engage students in careers in finance? Join NCWIT Counselors for Computing on 5/10 5pm ET for a FREE webinar to learn how careers in finance are evolving & many require foundational computer science skills. Computer science careers involve something called computational thinking, and computational thinking skills parallel the skills necessary Read More

Tips Your Students Can Use for Career Advancement

Moving up the career ladder as fast as possible should be the goal of any graduating student as they begin their careers. Here is a great visual that offers some tips your students can use to advance their careers: Infographic Source: “What Is Career Advancement? And 12 Tips for Achieving It,” University of St. Augustine, July Read More

20 Fun Remote Jobs for Generation Z

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Gen Z represents over 20% of the US population, and by 2030, is projected to account for 30% of the US workforce. As a growing pool of Gen Z candidates enter a workforce shaped by the pandemic, work-life balance and job flexibility remain top priorities. In fact, 72% Read More

5 Careers that Command Salaries of $100,000 per year (and don’t require your students to go to Med School)

For all your students looking to live comfortably and pursue a career they love, here are five lucrative options. While they all require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field and several years of experience, none of them involve med school. 1. Product Marketing Manager In this role, you’ll spearhead campaigns and Read More

5 Essential Steps to Becoming a Teacher

Are any of your students interested in becoming a teacher? They might be wondering how to turn your career vision into reality. Here are some tips that will guide them through everything from deciding which subject to teach to getting their teaching license. Choose a Grade First, they will need to determine which grade level Read More

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