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Enrollment is down across the board – What can you tell your students who are not thinking about College due to COVID-19?

Enrollment is down across the board at traditional Colleges (4% according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center) with Freshman enrollment particularly lower year-over-year (19%). Junior/Community Colleges saw a drop of 23% this Fall in first time student enrollment. The primary reason is COVID-19 and the uncertainty it caused last year’s crop of high school Read More

Survey Says: Close to half of all High School Seniors have not started applying to Colleges yet

Niche Marketing and Tudor Collegiate Strategies recently conducted a survey of more than 31,000 High School Seniors nationwide. They conducted the survey online and using social media. Here is a link to the actual survey: Class of 2021 Fall Survey The survey results to date have shown that Forty-seven percent of all high school seniors, Read More

Can One Semester of Low Grades Ruin My Chances of Admission to College?

It happens. A blip on the transcript. A semester or year of low grades. The reasons are endless: divorce, sickness, mental illness, homelessness, death of a parent or sibling, an abusive relationship, caretaking responsibilities, addiction, etc. And then the student pulls through, finds her strength and resilience and her grades go back up. But, her Read More

The Emergence of Big Data and Predictive Analytics in College Admissions Decisions

As previously discussed, the business of college admissions today mandates administrators meet four key performance indicators: Fill every available freshman seat; By accepting the fewest number of “eligible” applicants; While maximizing tuition revenue; and then Keeping those seats occupied all the way thru to graduation. To truly understand the scope of college admissions today, you Read More

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