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Can One Semester of Low Grades Ruin My Chances of Admission to College?

It happens. A blip on the transcript. A semester or year of low grades. The reasons are endless: divorce, sickness, mental illness, homelessness, death of a parent or sibling, an abusive relationship, caretaking responsibilities, addiction, etc. And then the student pulls through, finds her strength and resilience and her grades go back up. But, her Read More

The Emergence of Big Data and Predictive Analytics in College Admissions Decisions

As previously discussed, the business of college admissions today mandates administrators meet four key performance indicators: Fill every available freshman seat; By accepting the fewest number of “eligible” applicants; While maximizing tuition revenue; and then Keeping those seats occupied all the way thru to graduation. To truly understand the scope of college admissions today, you Read More

2019 State of College Admission Report

NACAC has released it’s 2019 State of College Admission Report. Here is a summary of what’s included from the Executive Report: College Applications The increase in the number of colleges to which each student applies continues an upward trend, which is reflected in college reports of increased application volume. • Growth in Application Volume Continues: Read More

An Inside Look at College Admission from the Industry’s Top Official

Stefanie Niles, President of the National Association of College Admission Counseling, the leading national organization for college admission professionals, has worked inside college admissions offices for decades. She shared some insight with Wow to help guide your students who are preparing for college through the stressful process. Niles, Vice president for Enrollment and Communications at Read More

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