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College Anxiety

7 Strategies To Help Support Students Struggling With Anxiety

1. The 5 Whys For students experiencing anxiety, the experience can be frightening. This can be worsened if the student doesn’t understand the cause of their anxiety or is unable to express their feelings well. Developed by Sakichi Toyoda during the Japanese revolution, this technique involves asking the question “why” five times. Starting with a Read More

The 2017 Survey of Admissions Directors

Only 34 percent of colleges met new student enrollment targets this year by May 1, the traditional date by which most institutions hope to have a class set. That is a key finding of the 2017 Survey of College and University Admissions Directors, conducted by Inside Higher Ed, in collaboration with Gallup. The 34 percent figure is down Read More

Recent Report says, Low-Income Students Need More Than Just a College Degree

In May a summit was hosted by College for Every Student to focus on ways to ensure that students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, have the skills and training necessary to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. The two day event was also sponsored by the GE Foundation and Trinity College Dublin. While a variety Read More

Students Who Feel Emotionally Unprepared for College Struggle in the Classroom

An online survey was recently administered by the Harris Poll that looked at the emotional preparedness of students to attend college and how those that were less emotionally prepared fared versus their peers. The survey sponsors were the Jed Foundation, a nonprofit group that works to protect the emotional and mental health of students, the Read More

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