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The Mad Libs Cure for the College Essay

Have you ever read an essay draft and thought, Yikes! What will readers think? Such a great kid, and he comes across as pompous (or rude or self-important or….) Maybe your student really is full of himself. Or maybe his self-confidence just doesn’t translate well on the page. We’ve all been there. The solution? I Read More

Are Your Students’ College Essays About Great Storytelling?

An independent educational consultant recently asked me this question: “Is the essay about great storytelling?” Day after day, we get emails and calls like this one from counselors, teachers and educational consultants with questions and challenges. We’re always happy to answer. This time, my answer was “Nope.” That’s a myth. We say this all the time: At its core, the Read More

Should Your Students Write Their College Essay Now?

Before they start, they should ask themselves a few questions to determine if they are ready This time of year, we focus on ways to prepare for the college essay, which students generally begin writing at the end of junior year – presumably in June. But lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions from Read More

How to Help Parents … Before They Make the Wrong Moves

Just days before the most recent Nov. 1 early application deadline, a friend, an independent educational consultant, emailed me.  One of her clients had asked a friend to review an essay for her son, who was working with my friend. She wondered if I knew the outside reader; I did not. She also wondered if Read More

Your Student’s Been Deferred. Now What?

Just after Christmas, we got a call from a student inquiring about an additional essay required by the University of Michigan for deferred students. He wanted help writing it. The student was “postponed” by the Ross School of Business. He wondered if he should call the admissions office, submit additional information beyond the additional essay, Read More

Contrary to Popular Belief, Crazy-Busy is Not Normal

It’s the week before the big holidays – it’s break time. Do you feel like you want to pull your hair out from the stress? Are students marching into your offices, freaking out while waiting for news from their first-choice colleges? What about the students who are still writing their essays? Or the ones who Read More

Tips to Review a College Essay

It’s December, and there are still regular college application deadlines around the corner. What do you do when your students show you application essays that just don’t seem ready to go? This is the point in the process when professionals and other well-meaning adults can overstep their roles. No worries. We’re going to share our simple Read More

Building Student Confidence through AI Writing Software

Counselors like you have busy and important jobs. In a given day there are always too many things to do, not enough time to do them, and a deeply important mission to help your students. Counselors prepare students to enter the world and to meet a variety of important milestones, from standardized tests to college Read More

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