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Tuition and Fees at more than 3,000 Public & Private Colleges

The Chronicle of Higher Education has updated it’s annual tables of Tuition and Fees at more than 3,000 Public and Private Colleges and Universities. Using data compiled by the College Board in their annual survey of Colleges, they provide information on each school’s tuition (in-state or out-of-state) and room & board. Searches can be done Read More

College’s hidden costs: your students should keep these costs in mind when factoring what college will cost them

When your students are evaluating colleges with their parents, they use the College’s tuition costs to try and estimate what a given college will cost them. Most colleges spell these costs out so they can do an apples to apples comparison of each school. However, there are many other costs affiliated with going to college Read More

Meal Plans at Many Colleges are Higher than the Cost a Typical Student would spend at Home

Rising prices of Meal Plans at Colleges are driving fee revenue at many Schools. Many states are holding back on Tuition increases due to pressure from states and recent double digit increases so they are looking to fees to help increase revenue. The Hechinger Report recently reported after an analysis of campus dining contracts from Read More

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