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Here 15 College Majors being offered by U.S. Colleges Today that are Outside the Norm

Fox News published a list of 15 of the wildest and wackiest courses offered today or recently at U.S. institutions across our country. These might be fun to discuss with your students to show there are many paths they can take with their educations. Course descriptions are based on publicly available information on school websites.  Introduction Read More

Steps Your Students Can Use to Pick a Major

Choosing a major is the complex process that involves considering not only personal preferences and already obtained skills but also financial and career expectations along with the major’s relevance in a long-term perspective. While it may appear to be a tough decision accompanied by the fear of making the wrong choice, every student must realize Read More

This is America’s No. 1 college major for salary and job availability

One college major offers smooth sailing above all others for students seeking a secure, well-paying job. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering is the most valuable major, according to ranking a ranking of 162 college majors released Monday by personal-finance site Students majoring in the field learn how to design ships and their inner workings, Read More

Which Majors are Most Likely to Lead to an Advanced Degree

Roughly one-third of bachelor’s program graduates will go on to earn a graduate degree. However, advanced credentials are more common in certain academic fields than others. Some majors are encouraged to earn a master’s degree or ph.D. in order to fulfill the necessary educational requirements of their profession and compete with other qualified candidates in Read More

New study shows majors that are most valuable for your students (and the ones that are least valuable)

If your students want to pick a major that pays big, they should consider the STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and math. According to a blog written on Yahoo Finance that summarized a new study by The Cashlorette, people who majored in STEM subjects earned the most and had the best employment opportunities. All Read More

6 Questions You Can Ask To Help Students Pick a Major

Choosing a college major is tough—the options seem endless, and students must navigate the waters of overbearing parents, societal standards and personal uncertainty.   Our role as counselors is to guide students as best we can, prompting them to identify career paths and contemplate different directions on their own. Here are some questions you can Read More

  • Date May 22, 2017
  • Author Jessica Velez-Lopez, M.Ed., MBA, Director, Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Florida Atlantic University.

How to help your students pick the right major

Why did you decide to become a School Counselor? My guess is you wanted a fulfilling job where you felt you could help kids get on the right path to a successful future. In most cases I’m guessing it wasn’t because of the high salary:) This weekend I came across an article in USA Today Read More

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