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6 Reasons Your Students Should Focus on Continuing to Earn A’s Their Senior Year

Acceptance letters signal a noteworthy achievement!  What it doesn’t signal is that your student can suddenly stop trying in school. Having a college acceptance rescinded is a reality that can happen, but it is also something that can be easily avoided. “Why not? Isn’t this the finish line?!” No, actually, an acceptance letter is not a Read More

College Preparation Guide available to your students and their parents

The National Council for Open Education has published an online College Preparation Guide that can be used free by your students and their parents. Chapters include: College Prep for Students Includes a checklist of things students should be doing during their senior year. Shown by Summer, Fall, and then month (September – May) in an Read More

7 Websites to help your students with college applications

The worldwide web can be a big help in helping your students research for college. KSL published a list of 7 key sites than can help students with their college applications. Here is a quick summary: 1. LinkedIn University Finder: LinkedIn is a handy tool that can help your students choose the right schools to Read More

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