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Navigating the “Second Look: A Parent’s Guide to “Accepted Student Day”

For your student’s parents, watching their high school senior transition from adolescence to adulthood is both exciting and nerve-wracking. After months of college applications, essays, and waiting, their child is about to be accepted to multiple colleges, and soon it will be time for the “second look” visits. These visits are crucial in helping their Read More

Do you have any students looking to attend College outside of the United States?

If you do and have questions about international colleges, we have found a great resource that might help you. The Association of International Regional Representatives – North America is an organization that includes the North American based representatives from many OUS schools. They include a directory you can use to contact those representatives directly to Read More

Identity and College Options – Free Webinar

On Sunday, March 3, at 7:00 pm ET, Tim Fields (Emory) and Deb Johns (Notre Dame) will be joining host Brennan Barnard of Khan Schools Network to discuss the range of options for those looking for colleges that foster a sense of identity, community and empowerment. Do you have students that resonates with who they are? They will answer Read More

Resources for Supporting DACA/Dreamer Individuals in their Quest for Health, Education, and Independence

In 2012, the United States government announced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, giving certain rights and protections to hundreds of thousands of people who entered the country as children and met specific criteria. As the years have passed, legislation has changed and altered the program. However, currently, there are still recipients of Read More

Early Decision 2 – still an option

Notifications for Early Decision (ED), Restricted Early Decision (RED), and Single Choice Early Action (SCEA) will be delivered within the next two weeks. This year, as in previous years, there will be many more tears than fist-bumps. Here are some of the staggeringly competitive numbers of the ED applicant pool from Princeton Review’s Best 389 Read More

Complex Medical Needs and College Planning: Preparing Students with Multiple Disabilities for College – Free Webinar

Students with co-occurring disabilities have an added layer of complexity as they apply and transition to college. This webinar will provide you with an overview of considerations for students with LD and complex medical needs. Accessible College (Annie Tulkin) and The College Spy (Michelle McAnaney) are teaming up to talk about the needs of students with Read More

Don’t dismiss small-town colleges

As a graduate of one small college (1,000 students in a town of 10,500) and former employee of another (900 students in a town of 10,000), I want to make a suggestion as your students are exploring colleges: Don’t be too quick to cross small-town and rural colleges off the list. I compiled a bunch Read More

College List Worksheet Template

Are your students putting together a list of all the College’s they are considering applying to and possibly attending? If so, there is a tool developed by Going Merry that is offered free to your students they might consider downloading. It’s free. This worksheet can help them understand the “true cost” of attending any college. Read More

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