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Selectivity: Acceptance Rates at 4-Year Colleges

NACAC recently published information for their State of College Admission Report. They found that in the Fall of 2021, four-year, not-for-profit colleges accepted 73 percent of applications from first-year students, on average. The average acceptance rate was higher for public colleges (78 percent) compared to private colleges (70 percent). What is selectivity? The term “selectivity” Read More

Wait-List Fundamentals

The wait-list, commonly referred to as “admissions purgatory”  is that ugly and uncomfortable grey area – they didn’t like you enough to accept you and they didn’t hate you enough to reject you. Students will need to make a decision and a deposit at a college where they were accepted by May 1. When a Read More

Is there more to a happy college social life than Greek life?

Students frequently either have a strong aversion to or a major attraction to Greek life. The funny thing is that high school students only know what they’ve seen or heard about fraternities and sororities; they haven’t experienced it first-hand. It’s the movies they’ve seen, think Animal House to  Sorority Wars. Or it’s what they’ve heard Read More

Providing Educational Opportunities for All Students

Preparing high school students for college readiness can be a challenge. A student might meet high school graduation requirements, but might be missing coursework for college admission eligibility. And what if a student needs additional resources to remediate coursework? Or get access to Advanced Placement courses?  As a counselor, being aware of key resources for Read More

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