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Important Skills to Learn Before Heading to College

University life can be a place of culture shock for many freshmen. They aren’t used to the intense workloads. They don’t know how to make a budget, or simply to take care of themselves. As a guidance counselor, the goal is always to help your students maximize their success. In this article, we look at Read More

Supporting Native Students on their College Bound Journey

Alarming statistics surround Native American youth and communities.  Currently, 1 in 3 Native American families live below the poverty level.  Only 74% of Native American students graduate high school on time, and nationally only 24% of those students’ matriculate.  The cycle of poverty among our Native American communities can begin to be addressed though access Read More

Here 15 College Majors being offered by U.S. Colleges Today that are Outside the Norm

Fox News published a list of 15 of the wildest and wackiest courses offered today or recently at U.S. institutions across our country. These might be fun to discuss with your students to show there are many paths they can take with their educations. Course descriptions are based on publicly available information on school websites.  Introduction Read More

Is our education system supporting our genii of the future?

When we look at people throughout history who have made incredible contributions to society, it’s easy to assume they were all top of their class and graduated college with the highest degree. In-fact Albert Einstein was told by his teacher at school that he would ‘never amount to anything.’ It was his fascination and unique Read More

Faculty at 4-Year Universities

One metric that Counselors can use when evaluating Colleges & Universities for their students is to look at the # of full-time faculty on staff (and percentage of the total). Jane Gabin, Ph.D. an Independent Scholar and Consultant has researched this in depth and has put together the data for more than 600 4-Year Colleges Read More

How Long Do College Applications Take?

Applying to college is never a one-and-done deal. As we’ve observed in previous articles, applying to college extends beyond the application itself, encompassing other activities like essays, test scores, and recommendations, all of which take time to complete or “collect” – in addition to the hours spent researching where you’d like to apply first! If Read More

Free College?

There is a lot being written in the press about “Free College” for students. What does it mean? What programs are possibly going to be implemented? Which schools are on board with this effort? We will have a great focused article on this subject in the Spring 2022 issue of LINK for Counselors so stay Read More

5 Things for your Students to Do After They Have Applied to College

Hitting “submit” for that final college application produces myriad feelings: a deep sense of relief that the process is done coupled with the anxiety of knowing that you now must wait for college decisions. Perhaps you’re simply exhausted and ready to catch up on your favorite Netflix series and spend Saturdays doing something other than Read More

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