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Don’t dismiss small-town colleges

As a graduate of one small college (1,000 students in a town of 10,500) and former employee of another (900 students in a town of 10,000), I want to make a suggestion as your students are exploring colleges: Don’t be too quick to cross small-town and rural colleges off the list. I compiled a bunch Read More

College List Worksheet Template

Are your students putting together a list of all the College’s they are considering applying to and possibly attending? If so, there is a tool developed by Going Merry that is offered free to your students they might consider downloading. It’s free. This worksheet can help them understand the “true cost” of attending any college. Read More

8 Reasons a Student Should Work a Part-Time Job During College

College is a thrilling and transformative period for young adults. It’s a time when students are not only expanding their knowledge, but also developing crucial life skills and figuring out who they are and where they may fit career-wise upon graduation. An excellent way to enhance this experience is by obtaining part-time employment while pursuing Read More

Navigating Early Decision and Early Action Deadlines

As the college application season kicks into high gear, parents of college-bound students may find themselves trying to figure out which of the various deadline options are best for their student. Two of the most common application deadlines are Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA). Understanding these options, their differences, benefits and important deadlines Read More

Free Database of Neurodiversty-Friendly Colleges & Universities

Eric Endlich of Top College Consultants has a compiled a list of “Neurodiversity-Friendly” Colleges & Universities which can be sorted by state. The list contains institutions with comprehensive autism or learning support programs, as well as some with neurodiversity social clubs or less comprehensive programs. Here is a link to the comprehensive list:

Safeguarding your college bound students’ health

Sending a child off to college is an emotional moment for almost every family. As parents drop them off, they are making sure they have their laptop, supplies, dorm furnishings, appropriate clothing and (admit it, kids) even a stuffy or two for emotional comfort. One thing that should be on their list is making sure Read More

Can Sharing a Link help a Student Get to College?

A while ago, Marilyn O’Toole contacted me on behalf of IECA. She and organizational leadership were concerned—as almost all of my admissions, financial aid, enrollment management, and high school and independent counselors are—about underserved students getting support during the college admissions process. IECA was thinking about creating a video series to navigate the Common Application. She asked if Read More

Education Degrees Have Plummeted by 50%

Recent data has shown from the 1970/71 academic year to the 2020/21 academic year the number of students earning Education degrees has dropped by half. During this same time frame the number of students attending college has increased by 50%. In 1970 it was the most popular major. Reasons speculated for the decline are women Read More

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