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How to help your students research colleges

Deciding to attend college is one of the biggest decisions one will make in one’s lifetime. Some may wish to obtain certifications in other fields as a career path versus attending junior college, four-year colleges or universities, but the final decision will affect one’s life forever. Hence, it is a decision that is not to Read More

Exploring college living options with your students

How to select campus housing may come up in one of your discussions with your students.  It would seem that there are only two choices of where to live during college life, and the final decision should be an easy one, right? Actually, there are several things to consider you’re your students are making this Read More

College Expectations vs. Reality

As many of your students head off to college next year, they will have a number of preconceived notions about what they will see when they arrive on campus. College Options wrote a nice post about Expectation vs. Reality. Roommates Expectation Many students go into college either assuming that they will be best friends with Read More

Have any students moving out-of-state for college?

If yes, here are some tips that can help them make a smooth transition. Every state has different rules and regulations, so it is important to investigate the specific rules for residency regarding driver’s license, car tags and voters’ registration. Many students can still claim their parents’ residence as their own while in school so Read More

Why attend College in a small town?

Parents and students make lists of colleges they are considering, and then, based on various factors, they start crossing colleges off their list.   Too big, too small. Too close, too far.  Too cold, too warm.  Too expensive.  However, one factor that parents and students need to think of a bit more carefully before crossing a Read More

Important Skills to Learn Before Heading to College

University life can be a place of culture shock for many freshmen. They aren’t used to the intense workloads. They don’t know how to make a budget, or simply to take care of themselves. As a guidance counselor, the goal is always to help your students maximize their success. In this article, we look at Read More

Supporting Native Students on their College Bound Journey

Alarming statistics surround Native American youth and communities.  Currently, 1 in 3 Native American families live below the poverty level.  Only 74% of Native American students graduate high school on time, and nationally only 24% of those students’ matriculate.  The cycle of poverty among our Native American communities can begin to be addressed though access Read More

Here 15 College Majors being offered by U.S. Colleges Today that are Outside the Norm

Fox News published a list of 15 of the wildest and wackiest courses offered today or recently at U.S. institutions across our country. These might be fun to discuss with your students to show there are many paths they can take with their educations. Course descriptions are based on publicly available information on school websites.  Introduction Read More

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