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Counselors Can Actively Engage a Diverse Range of Girls in Computing Science Learning Opportunities

Computing occupations are fast-growing and earn high entry-level salaries. Computing professionals work on the cutting edge of science and technology, are influential, work independently and creatively, and enjoy freedom relative to other fields–yet only 26% of them are women. Middle and high school girls are less likely to take elective computing classes, a trend that Read More

  • Date January 15, 2021
  • Author Lecia Barker, Ph.D. University of Colorado Boulder Associate Professor and Angela Cleveland, MS Ed, M. Ed, MA, NCWIT Counselors for Computing Program Director

You can’t be what you can’t see

“I fought really hard to get here,” she said with tears filling her eyes. “I’m in my first internship and not only am I the only woman there, but I’m the only person of color. I don’t belong in this field.” I sat across the auditorium, stunned by this statement from a fellow audience member. Read More

School Counselors Prepare Students for 21st Century Computational Thinking Skills

Counselors are at the forefront of opening doors to opportunities for all students.  Counselors are at the forefront of opening doors to opportunities for all students. They collaborate “with stakeholders such as parents and guardians, teachers, administrators and community leaders to create learning environments that promote educational equity and success for every student” (ASCA School Read More

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