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Counselor Development

Counselors as School Leaders – Your Most Important Role

A school counselor does more than meet with students – they are uniquely qualified to bridge gaps in communication and understanding between administration, students and parents. They are a crucial part of the school leadership team, as schools and staff are seeing increasing demands placed on them from state standards, legislation, district requirements, parents and Read More

Five Recommendations on How to Become a Stand Out School Counselor

1. Promote a Safe School Climate Safe, inclusive, and positive school climates provide students with supports (i.e. social and emotional learning).  How can school counselors do this effectively? Some suggestions include… Listen. People need to feel heard. Students, parents, teachers, secretaries, even the principals. Assist students in developing social and emotional competencies like self management, Read More

The Importance of Experiential Learning and Community Service Work

Regardless of where you want to attend college and what you’d like to study, you should seriously consider getting involved in some community service work – both in high school and  then in college as well!  I’m not talking about the type of community service work you do to satisfy a requirement or to pad your resume.  Read More

It’s Time to Help Juniors Reflect on Their Lives

As one class completes the application process, another one is rearing to go. In fact, this past week, many nervous parents of juniors (and some sophomores!) contacted us. They want to know when their children should start the college essays. How can they help? Is it too early? As you well know, the pressure is Read More

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