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10 Essential Tips to Help you be the Best Counselor you can be!

You play a crucial role in guiding students through one of the most important phases of their lives. You help them navigate the challenges of adolescence, choose the right academic path, and prepare for life beyond high school. However, being a counselor is no easy task. It requires a combination of compassion, patience, and expertise Read More

Running any small groups in your Counseling Department? If so, you are invited to participate in this interview study

Are you a practicing school counselor running small groups or clubs targeting specific populations (i.e. LGBTQ+, race, refugees, gender, etc.)? If yes, please consider participating in this interview study (40-60 minutes) via Zoom about your experiences implementing or trying to implement affinity groups in educational settings. The first 10 participants will receive a $50 Amazon Read More

The 10 Most Important Pre-college Conversations Parents Should Have With Their Children

Raising children involves preparing them for what’s to come. Practicing new routines and discussing unfamiliar and potentially challenging scenarios offers teens reassurance that the unknown isn’t totally out of their control. Thoughtful preparation shouldn’t stop when teens graduate from high school and make plans to transition to college. Discussing important “adulting” topics is essential for Read More

Helping Your Child Tune Out the Noise

As a college admissions consultant, I share my enthusiasm and genuine excitement about the college process with my students. Sometimes, I am greeted with an equal level of engagement and interest. Other times, I am met with disengaged students who are feeling stressed, frustrated or even angry. Why is this the case? Senior year is Read More

Wait, How Do I Write This Email!?

Email Etiquette and Tips What is “Etiquette”? The customary code of polite behavior in social and professional settings Here are 5 basic rules you should try to adhere to: Rule #1: Always include a subject and include the recipient’s name in the greeting Rule #2: Do not write in ALL CAPITALS! Writing in all capitals Read More

Seniors Coping with the Covid Quarantine

There is no doubt that this is the saddest senior class of all time, and rightfully so. They have missed out on opportunities they have waited for for 13 years. When I talk to high school seniors they talk about how they feel robbed of experiences and opportunities. Many of them are sad and depressed. Read More

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