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Mental Health Resources to Support Students Navigating Life’s Challenges

All students have their own personal struggles. Some might do well in school but are oftenbullied by their peers. Others might struggle academically, due to a learning disability, anunstable home life, or other factors. Some are dealing with mental health conditions thatrequire extra support. Regardless of their different challenges, all students need mental health support Read More

Navigating the Discussion on Antisemitism with High School Students: Educate, Engage, and Empower

Addressing complex and sensitive topics like antisemitism in high school environments is crucial to fostering understanding, empathy, and combating prejudice. With the situation in Israel/Gaza this topic is at the forefront of conversation around the country. As educators and mentors, engaging in discussions about such topics is an opportunity to encourage critical thinking and promote Read More

College Planning Seminar – Honors and Activities: More Than Just a List – Free Webinar

The College Guidance Network is hosting a free webinar that covers the honors and activities section on the college application. What should your students do? Just list a bunch of stuff they have done. Well, actually there’s more to it than that. The webinar has an interactive Q&A that provides expert advice on: **Ways to Read More

Let’s Get Digital

It has been said (including by me) that the first time you do something it’s innovation, and the second time tradition. The title of the previous post was a feeble attempt at humor, featuring a bad pun based on a line from a Barry Manilow song. The title of this post features a less bad Read More

Senior Checklist for 4-Year College Pathway

The Counselors at Gowanda High School have put together a nice checklist you can use with your students that are looking to attend a 4-Year College next year: They also have checklists for students that plan to join the workforce right after high school, those that are considering embarking in a military path and those Read More

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