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School Counselor: Guidance 2.0

When your refer to us by our new school counselor title, it is a vote of confidence that we appreciate. We come from a long line of service. Did you know that guidance was advocating for child employment reform in the 1900’s? Or that guidance was a key point of focus in the National Defense Read More

3 High School Alternatives to AP and IB

When it comes to competitive colleges, a high school transcript decorated with Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses may seem like an unspoken prerequisite to acceptance. AP and IB classes are designed to demonstrate college readiness, but unfortunately they are not universally available. If you are home-schooled or attend a rural or small high school Read More

Senior Graduation Requirement Acknowledgement Letter Example

Have any students that are failing a class and in jeopardy of not graduating? Here is a nice sample letter template you can use to inform their parents that action is needed immediately to avoid that from happening: (Name of High School) 2021 Senior Graduation Requirement Acknowledgement Student Name: ___STUDENT NAME_____                                 ID:  ____Student ID___ In Read More

Top 60 School Counselor Blogs

Feedspot has recently updated its list of the top 60 blogs for Counselors (April 19, 2021). Their rankings are based on: Ranking is based on Relevancy Industry blogs (those not favoring a specific brand) are given higher rank than blogs by individual brands(who often tend to promote their own products). Blog post frequency(freshness) Social media Read More

Anxiety Self-Assessment Test

Directions: Read each statement and circle the answer that best applies to you; leave blank any questions you do not want to answer.    Never Sometimes Often Almost Always 1. I worry excessively about the future or bad things happening (for example, earthquakes, a loved one getting hurt or sick, failing a test). 0 1 Read More

Example of a Parent Welcome Letter

Do you have a letter template written to send to parents this Fall? The Counselors at Normal Community High School have created a template that they use that you may be able to craft for your needs. They shared their letter in the High School Counselors Group on FB. Here is the template: Dear Parents, Read More

The Monday Blues

It is estimated that more than 17 million people will call in sick today after watching the Super Bowl yesterday. So there is no better time than today to discuss the Monday Blues. If you feel depressed, annoyed, overwhelmed, sluggish, and tense at the beginning of a working week, you are probably dealing with a Read More

The top 10 most read LINK for Counselors blog posts of 2020 (based on clicks in our e-newsletter)

Four Things to Do When Your Daughter Gets Rejected by Her First Choice College: The Five Essential Components of an Effective College Application Lesson: COVID-Era College Prep: Creating a Senior Packet: The Mad Libs Cure for the College Essay: Wait, How Do I Write This Email?: Average High School Read More

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