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The top 10 most read LINK for Counselors blog posts of 2020 (based on clicks in our e-newsletter)

Four Things to Do When Your Daughter Gets Rejected by Her First Choice College: The Five Essential Components of an Effective College Application Lesson: COVID-Era College Prep: Creating a Senior Packet: The Mad Libs Cure for the College Essay: Wait, How Do I Write This Email?: Average High School Read More

3 Steps to Resetting Your Morning Routine

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone differently. As a counselor, helping students, faculty and parents cope with stress is a part of your job, however due to today’s climate it’s more important than ever to advocate for your mental health and make sure your needs are being met.  Prioritizing yourself doesn’t mean being selfish and Read More

Tips for Parents During Remote Learning

We understand remote learning has its challenges. The two things we have seen successful students do during remote learning is communicate by asking for help and follow a daily schedule! Here are few tips to set your child up for success during the remote learning period. Follow a Schedule We understand remote learning has its Read More

Where can those students looking for a trade school or other career options find information if they are not interested in attending a traditional 4-year College?

Today I saw a post on Social Media from a High School Counselor that was looking for information for one of her students that didn’t want to attend a traditional college. She was frustrated because she was having trouble finding sources of information on trade schools and other options. Fortunately another Counselor responded with a Read More

8 Top Blogs for High School Counselors

Here are some great blogs for High School Counselors: Mr. Fisher’s Counseling Blog – Sweetwater High Counseling Center Blog – The Extraordinary School Counselor Blog – Counselor Clique Blog – Counselor Up! Blog – Counselors’ Corner – Confident Counselors – For High School Counselors –

5 Steps for Bringing Mindfulness to the Classroom

Educators today must do far more than teach content. We are expected to figure out how to get students to access the curriculum, “shut off” distractions and focus during lessons, stay calm and sit still during long high-stakes exams, and work cooperatively. But doing all this is much harder than it was 10 years ago. Read More

Self Care Tips for Counselors

While we are fighting the good fight, protesting injustices, demanding equality and the right to live while also attempting to protect ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic we have to remember to care for ourselves. As educators we not only have ourselves to consider but we encounter hundreds of personalities daily. Students, colleagues, Read More

The Importance of Experiential Learning

Since the turn of the 20th century, education researchers have been interested in a phenomenon known as summer learning loss, summer setback, or summer slide. [1] Research shows students who do nothing during the summer months experience decreased academic performance at the start of the school year. This phenomenon is why many students opt to Read More

SWOT Analysis your students can use to help them choose a possible career path

One of the most common competitive analysis frameworks is the SWOT analysis. SWOT, which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, helps highlight and uncover opportunities that aren’t immediately apparent. This information is useful when preparing for interview questions about strengths and weaknesses and identifying areas that might otherwise reduce the chances of getting a Read More

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