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How To Get Through a Hard Day – Free Handout for Counselors

Teachers Pay Teachers has a nice free handout available for students – “How to Get Through a Hard Day”. To get a copy a “free registration” is required. Here is a link to the page to download it:

Types of Personality Testing

Have you ever wondered what makes the people around you behave the way they do? What makes you, you?  We are taught to believe that labeling people isn’t fair and we should avoid doing that at all costs. However, in many cases being able to figure out what type the person we are talking to Read More

High School Counselor Timeline

This is a general timeline of activities and tasks. The counseling department and/or you in particular don’t necessarily do everything listed. Depends on your duties and grade levels. JULY : Update transcripts with summer school grades and finalize/change schedules. Summer registration for previously enrolled and new students. Meet with senior students and parents who need Read More

The School Counselor’s Guide to Surviving the First Year

A great book is available for Counselors written by Heather Couch, a Counselor at Batavia Middle School in Ohio. This practical guide includes topics from internship to professional development from an intimate perspective within the context of real-life scenarios. Drawing from personal experiences, journal articles, textbooks, and excerpts by numerous professional school counselors, it fuses Read More

Scheduling Team Secrets for Counselors Revealed!

Ashley Rose recently posted a very nice Google Slides Presentation on Scheduling Team Secrets in the High School Counselor Resources Group on Facebook. The presentation includes information on the pre-scheduling phase as well as the 8 scheduling phases. Here is a link to the entire slide presentation: Scheduling Slide Presentation She also includes a link Read More

State Certification Requirements for High School Counselors

Each state has slightly different requirements for Counselors. Most public school systems require advanced-degree courses that include the following topics: Human growth and development Theories Individual counseling Group counseling Social and cultural foundations Testing/appraisal Research and program evaluation Professional orientation Career development Supervised practicum Supervised internship The American School Counselor Association has published a summary Read More

5 Perfect Books for School Counselors

School counselors are at the heart of schools as the moral compass. Therefore, it’s important for counselors to be on their game, when it comes to the students. From life advice to calming fears to helping students confront other challenges (i.e., bullying, trauma, etc.), counselors are a resource that schools should never take for granted. Read More

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