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AI Written College Essays Might be a Problem

Forbes is reporting that many College Admissions Officers are concerned with new AI Technology that is on the market and would allow for students to use it to write their college essays. ChatGPT, OpenAI’s new natural language tool, can write clear essays, but it can also conjure up its own personal details and embellishments that Read More

Advice for Sexually Active High Schoolers

It can be a bit of a startling revelation for adults to find out that teenagers in their life are sexually active. I don’t even like that teenagers are legally allowed to handle food at restaurants. Now, this? But as a person of influence in a teenager’s life, your primary job is to help them Read More

Help Your Students Improve Executive Functioning Skills

You may be scratching your head – executive function skills?  Taken literally, the term seems to refer to something beyond a child’s immediate realm, and hardly something that needs improvement now.  Wouldn’t ‘executive’ function skills be better suited to briefcase-carrying corporate professionals? Actually, everyone would benefit from improved Executive Function Skills – especially children.  By Read More

Counseling Office Student Assistant Expectations

Do you use office assistants in your office? If yes, here is a template that can be crafted/adapted for your school to use to let the assistants know what is expected of them. This is provided courtesy of Brittanie Davis, a Counselor in Indiana. Thank you for your willingness to serve as an assistant in Read More

The Role of School Counselors in Identifying Abuse

As a school counselor, you have to juggle the needs of so many students at once. The role of a school counselor is to help students achieve academic and personal success so that they can continue on to their next step and pursue their dreams. While that might be as simple as coaching younger students Read More

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