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A Senior Fall To-Do List

The to-do list for high school seniors seems to be growing longer each day. When they’re not doing homework, participating in their extracurricular activities, hanging with friends, sleeping, eating or texting, here’s what they’re thinking about: their college list, testing; upcoming campus visits; college applications; the Common Application essay, supplemental essays; transcripts; an activity list; Read More

Counselor Recommendation Packet

Having to write recommendation letters for your students? Here is a quick form that a Counselor (Courtney Jaeger) developed to use in Naviance for a Counselor Recommendation Questionnaire that Students and Parents can fill out: *Please type answers to at least 3 questions.  Please use a separate sheet of paper to write your answers. Student Read More

Guide to Educational Acronyms and Abbreviations

Bothered by pesky acronyms and other abbreviations? Here’s a list to help you out! ELA (English & Language Arts):  Refers to reading, literature, writing, speaking and listening in the world of English coursework. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid): This is  form completed yearly by current and prospective college students in the United States to Read More

Senior Checklist for your Students

☐  Know your graduation status!!! Make sure you have what you need in your schedule. ☐ Be sure to get your 20 hours community service or job shadow done. ☐  Pass your senior paper in English 12A. ☐  Meet with your counselor at semester to make sure you are still on track!!! ☐  Complete your Read More

Benefits of Being a Mentor

Counselors help students not only academically but also emotionally for life after high school. Not many students will have the support a counselor can provide at home, and being part of their lives, helping them successfully navigate their life through school can be very helpful for their growth.  School counseling is not only beneficial for Read More

How To Get Through a Hard Day – Free Handout for Counselors

Teachers Pay Teachers has a nice free handout available for students – “How to Get Through a Hard Day”. To get a copy a “free registration” is required. Here is a link to the page to download it:

Types of Personality Testing

Have you ever wondered what makes the people around you behave the way they do? What makes you, you?  We are taught to believe that labeling people isn’t fair and we should avoid doing that at all costs. However, in many cases being able to figure out what type the person we are talking to Read More

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