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All New Fundamentals of College Advising Textbook – Call for Proposal to Write Chapters

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) is excited to announce a comprehensive revision to the Fundamentals of College Admission Counseling: A Textbook for Graduate Students and Practicing Counselors, led by co-editors Christopher W. Tremblay, Ed.D. and Beth H. Gilfillan, Ph.D.  After extensive outreach to faculty, students, and practitioners, NACAC has decided to streamline Read More

Transferring to High School? Remember the Five Cs

This is the time of year when counselor chat rooms are filled with posts like “Thinking about interviewing for a high school counseling position. Thoughts?” You bet. It’s as easy as remembering the five Cs. Curriculum Most of the people on hiring committees don’t know that, just like there’s a math curriculum and an English Read More

10 Essential Tips to Help you be the Best Counselor you can be!

You play a crucial role in guiding students through one of the most important phases of their lives. You help them navigate the challenges of adolescence, choose the right academic path, and prepare for life beyond high school. However, being a counselor is no easy task. It requires a combination of compassion, patience, and expertise Read More

More Great Resources for Counselors

The Tennessee School Counselor Association has compiled a list of great resources for Counselors. Here are links to some of them I liked that might be of interest to you as well: Helping Students After a School Shooting Helping Students in Troubling Times Students are on TikTok Talking About Ukraine—How Teachers Can Answer Their Questions – We Read More

Online Safety Tips for Students

Here are the most crucial internet safety tips for students: Report incidents of cyberbullying and block the attacker. Only use trusted websites when shopping online. Secure your accounts with strong passwords and two-factor authentication. Enable smartphone security features, such as biometrics and automatic updates. Back up your data regularly using a cloud service or external Read More

School for School Counselors Podcast

There is a new podcast available that is geared specifically for Counselors. Here is what it covers – School counseling is one of the most rewarding professions on the planet, but also one of the most intense and misunderstood. Most school counseling resources continue to focus on ultra-filtered, perfect-world examples of school counseling instead of Read More

New – Build Your Own College Rankings Tool

The New York Times has launched a new tool to help students and their parents build their own college rankings based on what criteria are important to them. The tool offers a series of sliders and filters to where students can input their priorities, such as racial diversity, price of tuition, campus safety, and athletics, Read More

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