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[SAMPLE] Counseling Annual Timeline

Here is a very nice Counseling timeline by month that a Counselor (Kay Lee) shared with members of the High School Counselor group on FB. She agreed to share it here and hopefully this is beneficial in helping you as you begin the 2022/2023 school year. August Review and complete schedules: fill holes, manage student Read More

Avoiding the Dreaded Reply All

● Think of who you want to reply to – just the author, the author & a few other people, or EVERYONE● Does EVERYONE need to read what you have to say?● These tips & tricks will make your life easier, everyone else’s life easier, and will make you loved by all

College & Career Readiness Slide Deck

Need some great slides to show your students in a presentation? Help your students understand their after-high-school options, whether college is worth it, how to pay for college, how to choose a career, how to choose a college, types of college degrees, types of colleges, job interviews, how to ask for a letter of recommendation, Read More

Upcoming Webinars for School Counselors – ASCA

The American School Counselor Association hosts some great webinars for Counselors. Here is the upcoming schedule: The School Counselor’s Role in State Legislation and DEI Advocacy 7/21/2022 1-2 p.m. EDTLearn More College and Career Support for Students with Disabilities 7/26/2022 1-2 p.m. EDTLearn More ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors 2022 8/3/2022 2-3 p.m. EDTLearn Read More

Information for your Student Office Aide Form

Office Aids are service-minded people, willing to offer assistance where there is a need. Participation as an Office Aid is a privilege available to Seniors at many high schools. Here is a template developed for Samuel Clemens High School that you can adapt for your school. As an Office Aid, you are expected to maintain Read More

School counselors Have a Tough Job, But Their Impact Shines Through

As a school counselor, there’s no doubt that you’ve dealt with stressful situations that test your patience. Being a school counselor can be tough, and it’s not for everyone. But those who have chosen the school counselor career path typically stick to it for one profound reason: school counselors can have a lasting positive impact Read More

School and Career Counselors and Advisors: Updated Bureau of Labor Statistics Data

The BLM publishes data for many careers. According to their data: 2021 Median Pay for Counselors was $60,510 per year ($29.09 per hour) Typical Entry Level Education: Master’s Degree Number of jobs (2020) – 322,000 Job Outlook (2020-2030) – 11% growth Employment Change (2020-2030) – +37,000 National Data Link: State and Area Data Link:

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