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Drug abuse

Common Substance Abuse Disorders

There are many things involved with your job as a school Counselor. As you help students with College prep and preparing to take that next step in life you get to work very closely with them. Unfortunately, many students at this age are experimenting with drugs and alcohol so it is important to know about Read More

Alcohol Treatment Programs for Teens

Alcohol abuse is a rampant problem in America. No one is immune. It impacts everyone, including all ethnicities, genders, ages, and social classes. One key predictor of a longer term, adult alcohol problem is teen drinking. Teens who engage in risky binge drinking frequently develop into full-blown alcoholics, or their early habits form patterns for Read More

The perils of tobacco use and vaping for young adults

Everyone is familiar with the devastating physical effects of smoking. However, what people don’t think about is psychological effects. These include mood and behavior changes and mental health. How It Works — What Are the Effects of Nicotine on the Brain? When a person inhales the smoke from a cigarette it hits the lungs within Read More

Recognizing the Need for Substance Abuse Counseling in Schools

It’s no secret that teens are subjected to immense amounts of pressure to succeed in almost every aspect of life. Society places a high value on academic, social, economic, and athletic achievements. Putting teens at a higher risk for abuse, it’s no surprise that our country is in the midst of an ever-evolving substance abuse Read More

From motherless to motherhood

Every little girl dreams of getting older and relishing in spa days and shopping sprees with their mom. I was no exception, but my storyline played out a little different. My father left my biological mother when I was two years old. He shipped me off to south Florida with my grandparents to spare me Read More

Going to College After Struggling with Drug Addiction

Drug abuse disorder has become an extremely prevalent issue throughout the United States. Young people will experiment with mood and mind-altering substances, it’s just the way it is. It is normal for teenagers and young adults to try alcohol and smoke marijuana, but when they start using in excess or start testing out other drugs Read More

Tips to help combat teen drinking

With Spring Break right around the corner many parents are understandably concerned about their children possibly indulging in alcohol while out on break. Many parents are not sure how to broach the subject of teen drinking with their children. Tallahassee ‘s ABC affiliate, WTXL, recently interviewed Family Therapist, Jane Marks, and she shared some tips Read More

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