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Financial Aid

New FAFSA Changes – Winners and Losers

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid will be undergoing significant changes soon and families, who hope to obtain financial aid, need to prepare for the FAFSA changes. Tucked into federal pandemic relief legislation that Congress passed during the Christmas holidays, was a dramatic overhaul to the FAFSA and financial aid rules. Last week, I Read More

If your students choose to take College classes online take note of this fact about their financial aid

U.S. News and World Report recently published a blog that showed taking college classes online can really affect the financial aid a student receives from traditional Colleges. When a college offers the option to either learn from home or return to campus and a student chooses the former, the financial aid office typically recalculates his Read More

Evaluating What Really Matters on a College Campus

Judging the Financial Aid Office Campus visits are a critical part of the college search process. But it is important to know what parts of a campus to evaluate more closely and what parts of a campus to smile at and move on. One crucial, and often missed, campus office that hold a profound influence Read More

The effect of coronavirus outbreak over student loans

The current COVID-19 virus outbreak may create a temporary financial problem for federal student loan borrowers. Borrowers who make payments hourly, or are unable to telework may face such a challenge sooner than other borrowers. The damage caused by the coronavirus outbreak is making our lives vulnerable to financial issues. So it’s important to be Read More

Help your students become financially literate

Entering college life might seem like entering into a Utopia for many students. They think it is the ultimate “real world” that can never be compromised for any damn reason.  They imagined it is the perfect time to do something great, have fun, start a new relationship, and many other things. But they often forget Read More

Financial Aid & Scholarship Guide you can share with your students

Earning a degree takes a significant financial investment. At most schools, full-time and part-time students enjoy eligibility for federal student financial aid as long as they attend an accredited educational institution. Many schools offer merit-based and need-based scholarships, including accounting scholarships for undergraduates and scholarships for those seeking a master’s degree in accounting. Schools offer Read More

What is an LRAP?

Ardeo Education Solutions is a mission-driven company that partners with higher education institutions to provide loan repayment assistance programs (LRAPs) that are smart for students and smart for colleges. LRAPs are a compelling safety-net for prospective students and their families. LRAPs provide a powerful promise: if income after graduation is below a certain amount, typically Read More

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