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Gap Year

Taking A Gap Year Between High School and College: Six Reasons to Defer Admission after Acceptance to College and Two Reasons to Think Twice

Deferring admission (sometimes referred to as deferring enrollment) is the process of choosing a college to attend and postponing the start date for a semester or a year. The college agrees to hold the student’s place in the following year’s freshmen class and the student agrees (by paying a deposit) to attend the college the Read More

Advantages of Taking a Gap Year

Taking a year off after high school or a “gap year”  has become an increasingly popular and accepted decision here in the United States. In Europe, Australia and New Zealand, gap year experiences have long been considered one of many traditional options. I was unsuccessful in my efforts to convince my own children of the Read More


Multiple AP classes. Sports practice. Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. SATs and ACTs. College tours and applications. Extra-curricular activities, internships, and clubs. It is no wonder that with so many options and obligations pulling them in so many directions, students are emerging from high school with increased levels of stress, lack of direction and reduced confidence Read More

Benefits of Gap Time Over Time: A Personal Reflection

In the last twenty years, much has been written about the benefits of taking gap time: •rejuvenating •learning outside the classroom •pursuing areas of interest •immersing in different cultures •cultivating leadership skills •being of sustained service •gaining clarity regarding college studies or potential career paths •producing higher GPAs in college (proven research) What has not Read More

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