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Mental Health

Mental Health Resources to Support Students Navigating Life’s Challenges

All students have their own personal struggles. Some might do well in school but are oftenbullied by their peers. Others might struggle academically, due to a learning disability, anunstable home life, or other factors. Some are dealing with mental health conditions thatrequire extra support. Regardless of their different challenges, all students need mental health support Read More

The Mental Health Crisis Continues…..

There is a mental health crisis on college campuses with students’ emotional needs not being met, and frustration is mounting. This is no longer “news” – there are articles about it everywhere you turn and features on TV news shows; but even with all this attention, the mental and emotional health of our college students Read More

The School Counselor’s Role in Providing Trauma-Informed Care

When many adults hear the word trauma, their minds can go to the most extreme situations—fleeing persecution in a dangerous country or being trafficked across borders. While those situations can undoubtedly be harrowing, trauma takes many forms and is actually much more common than many people think. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Read More

Resources for Mental Health issues, signs and where your students can seek help

Mental illness covers a wide spectrum of conditions that affect children, teens, and adults. Almost one in five U.S. adults are diagnosed with a mental illness. Mental illness can be broadly separated into two categories: any mental illness and serious mental illness. Any mental illness covers all mental illnesses that have been recognized to date, Read More

Mental Health Disorders

Mental health has been in the news a lot lately as several disturbed individuals have carried out horrible acts of violence on innocent people. As you work with students, what are the signs you should be looking for? The Recovery Village has put together a complete guide regarding mental health. Mental health disorders are common Read More

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