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23 SAT Tips and Tricks Your Students Can Use

Overall SAT Study Tips Tip 1: Eliminate 3 Wrong Answers The most important rule to remember for the SAT is that there is only one correct answer for each question, and you should be able to eliminate all the others. This means that your number one strategy on the test is process of elimination. If Read More

The cost of taking the SAT and ACT, explained

The SAT’s baseline price is $47.50 and the ACT’s is $50.50. Where does that money go? It costs a lot of money to get into college. There’s the cost of high school extracurriculars and test prep, all the things that are supposed to give a student a better shot at getting into the “best” school. Read More


If the first two acronyms in the title of this piece left you scratching your head, I have good news: we’ll be cutting right to the chase. Both of these stand for services offered by the ACT and SAT, respectively, that allow students to receive a copy of the test booklet, answer key, and the answers Read More

PSAT Score Reports are Back: Embrace Them

Just a few days ago (or maybe even today), your students received their PSAT score reports online. The timing of the annual score return is, put simply, not ideal: the fast approaching holidays––paired with the long school break that accompanies them––serve as a big distraction. Furthermore, the sheer amount of time that has elapsed since Read More

SAT & ACT: Three Tips for Counselors for Starting the School Year Right

The start of the school year ushers in an avalanche of information and obligation for students and parents: course changes, sports and club schedules, event calendars, arts performances, parent nights, volunteer opportunities…the list goes on. Amid the bustle, even important things like the SAT and ACT can get pushed aside. But by executing on a Read More

Better than Flash Cards – Score more points on the SAT Essay

Are your students going to be taking the SAT soon? Are your students worried about vocabulary on the SAT writing test? Many students think big words will lead to a big score, but that isn’t true. Using words that make a student uncomfortable can lead to miscommunication. If your child wants to impress SAT readers, Read More

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